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Newsweek: Pao vs. Perkins Gender Discrimination Lawsuit Has Women in Tech Talking, Quietly (2015)

Wall Street Journal: Female Investors Divided on Fate of Ellen Pao’s Discrimination Case (2015)

Silicon Valley Business Journal: Kleiner may be best VC firm for women, but most female investors say it will lose sexism trial (2015)

Hartford Business Journal: Price honored at Women’s Private Equity Summit (2013)

Wall Street Journal: The Women’s Private Equity Summit: ‘I Love Downturns! (2009)

Wall Street Journal: Women’s PE Summit: This Used to Be Such a Friendly Neighborhood (2009)

Wall Street Journal: Pension Funds to Private Equity: ABCD. Always Be Closing Deals (2009).

Wall Street Journal: Private Equity: The New Order Now Begins (2009)

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